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Nebraska Boiler
815 Q Street

A bit more detail

This one-story brick building is the final addition to the Nebraska Boiler Company that started its operations at the corner of 9th & Q Streets. As the business grew, additions were added to the original site by extending the roof and adding new walls. The Nebraska Boiler Building/Garage was built to handle the manufacture of boilers and had an assembly line operation complete with an industrial ceiling hoist. As boilers were assembled, the product would move along the hoist. The final stage included testing in the corner room. Boilers were then loaded and transported to the ultimate user.

Today, the Nebraska Boiler Building serves an integral role as a parking facility. Daytime parking is for owners and employees in Haymarket. During evenings and weekends, the general public can park in the Nebraska Boiler Building. A coin box is located on the wall adjacent to the south entrance for parking payment.

Two unique features have been pioneered in the Nebraska Boiler Building, which is located on the block bordered by P, Q, 8th and 9th Streets. First, to enter, one must enter the alley running between 8th and 9th Streets. Despite this “hidden” entrance, patrons are pleased to find covered parking immediately across from the Haymarket Square Courtyard.

Second, the concept of “tandem” parking was pioneered in the Nebraska Boiler Building. Because of the long parking stalls, monthly parking is assigned to two vehicles which park in “tandem”, thereby doubling the capacity of the Garage.

We are now offering season Husker football parking in the Nebraska Boiler Garage! This tailgating option will give you the ability to share a parking space with a buddy in one of our tandem stalls or use the tandem space to park one vehicle while utilizing the other half for your tailgating festivities. You will be sheltered from inclement weather and are in very close proximity to all the great Haymarket bars and restaurants including Tavern on the Square, Brewsky’s and Barry’s Bar & Grill!

Call 402-474-1838 for pricing and availability.

Ridnour Plaza
816 P Street

A bit more detail

This underground garage is located under the Ridnour Plaza building and can accommodate a total of 37 vehicles. This secured garage is accessible by use of a special transmitter. The garage entrance is located in the alley behind the building.


Do you enjoy eating at the numerous Haymarket restaurants? Are you a Husker Basketball fan? Do you frequently attend concerts at PBA? With a parking spot in the Ridnour Plaza’s underground parking garage, no longer will you need to worry about where to park. Plus, no need to get out that ice scraper during those harsh Nebraska winters!

Please call 402-474-1838 for pricing information and availability.

Charter Oak
8th and O Street

A bit more detail

This surface lot is located behind the Apothecary Building, Armour Building and the Holiday Inn Hotel’s Parking garage. There are a total of 51 individual parking spaces as well as 8 tandem parking stalls. Access into the lot is available from entering 8th street alley, or entering the P street alley or from the corner of 9th and O street.

The 51 individual parking stalls are reserved Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. for monthly parking tenants only. After 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday, the parking lot is open to the general public for a fee. The current parking rate is $5.00 Monday through Friday (after 5:00 p.m. only) and $5.00 all day on Saturdays and Sundays. (Special Event parking rates may vary). The 8 tandem parking stalls are reserved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for specific parking tenants.

The Charter Oak parking lot is a popular spot for tailgating before, during and after every home University of Nebraska football game.

Please call 402-474-1838 for pricing information and availability.

Western Supply
NE Corner of 8th and N Street

A bit more detail

This gravel surface lot is located on the northeast corner of 8th and N street. A total of 50 parking spaces is available for lease on a monthly basis. Currently this parking lot is not open to the general public for evening/weekend parking.

Please call 402-474-1838 for pricing and availability.