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  • We celebrated our son and soon to be daughter’s (in-law) rehearsal dinner in the South Loft. The most important feel the bride and groom wanted for their rehearsal was fun and relaxed. This was definitely achieved because of the simpleness yet classic feel of this space. The ease of bringing our own food and beverages in was perfect for what the bride and groom were hoping to serve their family and close friends. Thank you Crystal for all your assistance and helpful advice. We will definitely let others know what a wonderful time was had by all. (August 2016)
  • The venue was beautiful and our guests could not stop talking about what a great location this was. The staff was extremely helpful with not only the wedding day but when we were planning the event Crystal gave us a few good ideas on what had been done in the past there and we greatly appreciated the help. Thanks again (June 2015)
  • My wife and I utilized the South Loft for our Rehearsal Dinner and the Ridnour Room for our Reception. The space was perfect for everything that we needed. Crystal was wonderful to work with. She made the process very painless and made sure we had everything that we needed. If we ever find ourselves in need of another ballroom, we will most definitely be contacting Crystal for use of their facilities in the Apothecary. Our incredible experience didn’t end there. Along with assisting us in celebrating our special day, they also helped us book our Honeymoon to Sun Palace Resorts in Cancun. They have memberships for all of the Palace resorts in Cancun, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen and soon in Jamaica. We got to select which Resort was right for us. Not only that, but we were able to takeadvantage of their membership with Palace Resorts. There is nothing better than waking up every morning, for a full week, to the sounds of the waves crashing and the sight of the sun rising over the beautiful blue-green ocean water. Couple that with amazing food, drinks, entertainment, and feeling completely pampered your entire stay, and you what a Honeymoon or any vacation, for that matter, should be like. Linsey and I are very grateful for Crystal and everyone else that made our wedding day so special at the Apothecary and also for sending us on a dream Honeymoon. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. (April 2015)
  • We had a perfect experience using the North Loft for our reception. Crystal was very attentive to our every need. She made it possible to get the Nebraska game on played during our reception. Absolutely worth the money. Would definitely choose this place again! (January 2015)
  • The Apothecary is wonderful! We were able to bring in our own food and alcohol. It was a beautiful facility and we received nothing but positive feedback from our guests. Crystal was extremely helpful and very easy to work with! (Posted January 12, 2015 on www.weddingwire.com)
  • Crystal was very professional and helpful. We had to do alot of work by email and phone as we live outside of Lincoln, she was very quick to respond to my email.(Posted July 24, 2014 on www.theknot.com)
  • Our experience was great from start to finish. We felt welcomed and felt like it was our home for a couple days. We provided our own catering and had both our wedding and reception in the loft. That saved us money and didn’t waste guests time by having one venue for the wedding and another for the reception. Guests commented on how fun and relaxed the evening was. I would recommend any of the lofts. (Posted July 21, 2014 on www.theknot.com)
  • This is a great venue for a wedding reception. Crystal made everything very easy and straightforward. We were able to use our own caterer and provide our own drinks which helped a lot on the cost of our reception. Everything worked great and we had no issues. We also received our damage deposit within a week of our reception. (Posted July 18, 2014 on www.weddingwire.com)
  • This is a great venue for a wedding reception. Crystal made everything very easy and straightforward. We were able to use our own caterer and provide our own drinks which helped a lot on the cost of our reception. Everything worked great and we had no issues. We also received our damage deposit within a week of our reception. (Posted July 18, 2014 on www.weddingwire.com)
  • Excellent venue- beautiful room. The guests loved it! (Posted July 17, 2014 on www.weddingwire.com)
  • Initially I thought the price was a little high, but when it was all over we saved so much on catering and being able to bring in our own alcohol that it was much less than other places we had looked at. (Posted July 17, 2014 on www.weddingwire.com)
  • The space is wonderful and very accommodating. I would also recommend Ricky’s Cafe as the caterer. The food was wonderful and the price was outstanding. (Posted January 1, 2014 on www.weddingwire.com)
  • We had a phenomenal time during our wedding! Everyone was extremely professional and very helpful through the process! (Posted December 27, 2013 on www.weddingwire.com)
  • The entire staff of the Ridnour Room was great! Crystal was nice enough to sit down with me and discuss planning a wedding and helping me through a incredibly stressful and exciting time! (Posted December 21, 2013 on www.weddingwire.com)
  • We were married in Vermont this summer (and also live in Vermont) and wanted to have a reception in Nebraska to celebrate with family who could not attend the wedding. Planning the reception from across the country was easier than I thought it would be because Crystal was so great to work with. This place is an incredible value, especially considering you can bring in your own food and alcohol – that saved us a ton of money! We used the North Apothecary Loft and it was perfect for us! The Loft is beautiful with wood beams and exposed brick, plus the view you get of the Haymarket from the 5th floor! All of our guests complimented the venue. We loved it! (Posted October 11, 2013 on www.weddingwire.com)
  • Our son Mike Callen and his new bride Cherise held their prenuptial dinner in the North Apothecary room. We were most satisfied with your employee Crystal and the facility was just right for our event and the 124 guests who attended. We would highly recommend your services and facility to others. Larry & Mary Lynn Callen (August 2013)
  • Having our wedding at the Apothecary Ridnour Room was a perfect choice for my husband and I. Jon Camp was great in working with us on all the details we needed to know, and Crystal was super helpful whenever we had a question. The room was especially great because we could provide our own alcohol and bartenders — saved us a lot of money that way! I highly recommend this room even for a wedding of 300 people – we had a blast. (Posted August 5, 2013 at www.theknot.com)
  • We rented the Apothecary Lofts and the Ridnour Room for 2 1/2 days and were thrilled! We held the rehearsal in the Ridnour Room followed by the rehearsal dinner in the north loft. The loft was a wonderful place for the rehearsal dinner, very cozy and private. Following the dinner, the bridal party stayed in the two lofts…..girls in the north and guys in the south. The next morning was so easy and relaxed. The girls had all morning for the hair dressers to come to them and get ready. While this was going on, we (parents and helpers) were in the Ridnour room meeting other vendors and setting up! We had 250 people for the wedding in the Ridnour room and had the reception tables, head table, cake table, etc. set up along the perimeter of the room. The wedding was beautiful!! We then had all the guests exit the Ridnour room as the couple walked out through them. While this was happening we transformed the Ridnour room for the reception. Guests walked back in and couldn’t believe it was the same place! The food was set up in the room off to the side of the kitchen and the cake was right outside that door. We also had a full dance band. It was a spectacular evening. Following the reception the newly married couple stayed in the north loft and some of their out-of-town bridal party stayed in the south loft. We did not have a gift-opening the next morning which gave us plenty of time for clean -up.
  • One of the best things about our wedding weekend was that it was all under one roof! The wedding party (and parents) were so relaxed not having to run all over the place. We did not have to provide extra transportation or extra rooms for the wedding party to get ready in. We could choose all our own vendors and do anything we wanted to do ourselves. The Apothecary staff was very helpful with ideas and answering our questions. I would highly recommend the Apothecary Lofts and Ridnour Room!
    Mark & Ann Moore (Posted July 22, 2013 on www.weddingwire.com)
  • We set a date extremely last minute and we were surprised at how well we were accommodated! It was absolutely wonderful and a huge weight off this brides shoulders!(Posted on July 17, 2013 on www.weddingwire.com)
  • We loved the our wedding at the apothecary lofts. You rent the space for Friday at 2 to Sunday at noon. It was very convenient to be able to have the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the reception all at one place. Docs is also a great bar that is an elevator ride way for those specialty shots that you don’t prepare for. (Posted July 11, 2013 at www.theknot.com)
  • Thank you so much for everything you guys did for us! You helped to make our wedding and honeymoon a time we will never forget! The trip to Cancun is something I can’t even put into words! If anyone is even thinking of getting married you call The Apothecary NOW! You will not regret it and will walk away with the best memories of your life! (June 2013)
  • Thank you for the opportunity to give my impressions of the Ridnour Room. First, it was a pleasure to work with Crystal Meister. She answered all my questions and her interaction with my daughter, Andi, was no less positive. On June 1, 2013, our daughter’s wedding reception was held at the Ridnour Room at the Apothecary. Everything went smoothly. The room was clean and ready, and we were able to get in and decorate on time. It was an excellent facility, as we used the bar, kitchen, dance floor, and the D.J.’s room. It was the perfect place to hold a dinner, dance, and reception. Thanks again. Sincerely, Nancy Bess (June 2013)
  • I loved the location! The lighting on the pillars matched our colors and set the mood for the dinner and dancing! (Posted June 25, 2013 on www.theknot.com)
  • We rented both the North and South lofts for our wedding and reception. Crystal was so great to work with and was always quick to respond to my many, many questions. The rooms are beautiful and the atmosphere is cozy and elegant. We were so pleased with how everything turned out. We would highly recommend the space for an event. (April 2012)
  • Our experience was pretty positive with the Apothecary (North) Loft! They seemed very flexible and willing to help, and super fast with communication. Deposit return is super fast and they didn’t take advantage of it (we received everything back that we expected). They were accommodating enough to let the dance floor rental company come in a Friday and pickup Monday without issue. Some of the potential extras are projector rental ($50), parking for guests ($250), or to plan to get the room 2 hours early or stay 2 hours late ($100). Hours of rental are a bit tight to only do a 1-day rental for a wedding reception (2pm check in, 11am check out) but since they didn’t have anyone before or after us, we had access the morning of (and nobody knocking on the door right at 11am). Crystal/Caleigh are SUPER fast and clear on communication and more than willing to do everything possible to help out. We were drawn here due to the amazing cozy/warm lodge-like atmosphere (wood everything!) and due to the fact they don’t lock you in to a specific catering company or bartending company (both are completely open!). Cost was a little high for the (off-season) rental, $1400 for 1-day, but looking back it was well worth it! (March 2012)
  • We rented the North Loft for a reception. Jon and Crystal were both great to work with and very helpful. The space is great and best of all you do not have to decorate much, the atmosphere is wonderful. Worth the little extra in price, saved on food and alcohol and they take care of set-up and most clean-up except for you decorations. Loved it! (March 2012)
  • We had the North loft for my daughter’s wedding reception. Crystal was great to work with and answered all our questions, sometimes more than once. She offered suggestions on seating and table set-up that were very helpful. We had the room on New Year’s eve from noon until 11:00 a.m. on New Year’s day. The bridal party used the bedroom suite to get ready for the wedding and there was plenty of room. The kitchen was awesome and being able to bring in our own food and beverages was a money saver for us. My husband and I stayed overnight in the suite and then packed everything up the next morning. I’m so glad I called Crystal about reserving the room. I highly recommend The Apothecary lofts. (January 2012)
  • It worked out great for my wedding! We were in the Ridnour Room and Crystal was easy to get a hold of and very helpful. For this place you need to find your own caterer and bartender, etc. She gave us a few caterers that she had heard were great and we chose Kerry’s Catering in McCool Junction and they were awesome (great food and really cheap!!). Also we bought all our alcohol from a distributor and then just set out a tip jar (suggested by Crystal) and in tips we made $850! Our wedding was on a Friday so the room was $1000 cheaper then on a Saturday. So our price was really good for being in the haymarket. (Posted June 2011 on www.theknot.com)
  • We had around 90 people.. and we got the North Loft, which is considerably bigger than the South Loft.. and it fit just right for the number of people. We were able to put a dance floor.. so if you’re not having a dance floor.. you’d easily could fit 20 to 25 more people. It doesn’t need much decoration. If you can reserve it for the 3-day package, that would give you plenty of time to play with the arrangement of tables and all. A little pricey.. but pretty good place overall. :) (Posted June 2011 on www.theknot.com)
  • I loved the Ridnour room—one of the only places in Lincoln where you can bring in your own caterer and alcohol. Its very “do it yourself” so be prepared for some extra leg work, but we found it worth it, to save the money by bringing in our alcohol and food. (Posted May 2011 on www.theknot.com)
  • We rented the Loft for the weekend. It was the perfect location for our small, winter wedding. The wood and the brick were beautiful and cozy. Loved it and we received a lot of compliments. (Posted January 2011 on www.theknot.com)
  • I knew I wanted to have my reception here from the beginning. The character of this place is amazing and the suites that come with the weekend package are beautiful. We did the weekend package for the bigger (North) loft/suite, and rented the smaller (South) loft just for the reception Saturday night. With the weekend package we got the keys for the building and the suite Friday afternoon and had access to it all the way until Sunday afternoon. The kitchens are really nice and since we were able to be in and out of there all weekend, we had the rehearsal dinner there Friday night, and we were able to keep food and snacks in the kitchen so we didn’t have to make a ton of food runs. My now husband and I stayed there Friday and Saturday night, and my bridesmaids and I were able to do our hair and make-up done in there Saturday before the ceremony. The suites also have HUGE jacuzzi tubs and the only thing i was worried about with those was if the hot water would last long enough to actually fill the tub…it did! Some things to keep in mind if you rent the Apothecary: There isn’t a dance floor in the lofts so you have to rent one (I used AAA Rentals-they have different sizes and do set-up/tear down for u). They also don’t do in-house catering or bartending which I liked because I was free to choose my own caterer and bartender. Crystal was amazing to work with-very fast in responding to my questions and very willing to show me the space many many times :) You’re free to set up the tables however you like. You just talk to Crystal about where you want everything, and they do the set-up for you. You also have to rent your own linens and table settings. I got my linens through AAA Rentals as well so they got delivered with the dance floor, and I got my table settings through Hy-Vee. The only little thing I didn’t like was the chairs which seemed a little out-dated, but with everything else being as beautiful as it was, I didn’t even notice when everyone was in there. All in all, loved it and would definitely recommend it! (Posted November 2010 on www.theknot.com)